N450 is produced in mono-block form from polyethylene with rotation molding technique. It is designed to offer comfortable and safe cruising pleasure while having a large interior volume to provide maximum usage and safe storage space. It has 100% UV additive and is not affected by seawater, algae and corrosion, it is long-lasting and ergonomic.

Technical SpecificationsP355
Body The hull is made of polyethylene as mono-block and double-walled with rotation technology. (Click here for polyethylene boat features.)
Length 450 cm
Width 150 cm
Body Weight240 kg
Fully Equipped Weight278 kg
Maximum Number of People7
Maximum Horsepower50 HP
Lifting Capacity700 kg
Shaft Long - Short
Color OptionAll international RAL color codes
Certificate CE


  1. U Bolt (1 piece) : Made of 316 quality chrome and reinforced with insert to maximize durability.
  2. Towing eye (1 Piece): Manufactured from 316 chromium as 4mm? The inner reel is polyethylene. With three inserts placed in the polyethylene body, the strength has been increased 5 times.
  3. Cleat (3 Pieces):Made from 316 quality chrome, it has a special design that maximizes durability. The base of the design is 3mm, the reel is 22mm and the top is 4mm. With two inserts placed in the polyethylene body, the strength has been increased 5 times.
  4. Anchor box: Produced by polyethylene with rotation molding technique. Has 30 lt capacity.
  5. Welded railing (4 Adet): Radius of 22mm, 3mm chrome pipe. (65cm)
  6. Storage box + seat (2 Pieces):Made of polyethylene with rotation molding. Each one has a volume of 60 liters.
  7. Base (1 Piece):Made of polyethylene. It minimizes slippage with its specially designed surface.
  8. Thole (2 Pieces):Thanks to its special slot in the body, its durability is maximum. Made of 316 chromium. The base is 3mm and the bar has 18 mm radius. With two inserts placed in the polyethylene body, the strength has been increased 5 times.
  9. Rope (2 Pieces): Each one is 7 mm thick and five mt long. Rope ends are covered with special waxing technique. It has a towing capacity of 7 tons.
  10. Water evacuation stopper: Allows the water on the boat to be discharged out of the drain channels when desired.
  11. Storage box (2 Pieces):Integrated with the body and is capped with polyethylene cover. Each one has a volume of 50 liters.
  12. Mirror chrome (1 Piece) : Made of 3mm 316 quality chrome. A ridged surface has been created to prevent the engine from sliding.
  13. Engine mirror (1 Piece): 18mm plywood is fixed into the rotational polyethylene, by preventing direct contact with the water it becomes equally lasting with the polyethylene body.
  14. Wall cap (2 Pieces): Suitable to use as an extra storage area and increase the boat weight. It eliminates the moisture between the walls.